Daniel, Sasha and Caitlin, from year 10, led Durham House’s special collective worship today focussing on Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the theme of inspirational service.

Beginning with a prayer, they then presented some interesting facts about The Queen, looking back through her life. Her Majesty has completed over 21,000 visits around the world, including visits to Preston. The pupils highlighted The Queen’s young age when she came to the throne and her life dedicated to selfless service. They talked about how young people are never too young to make a difference, asking if pupils had thought about their own mission in life and how they can go about being of service. Finishing with a prayer. 

Chaplain Andy outlined how The Queen has led with humility, integrity and grace and asked pupils to start thinking about how we can serve others. In their forms, pupils will be coming up with fundraising ideas and ideas on how they can serve and connect with our international links; Eagle’s Nest Christian Primary School in Cape Town and Elvis, a twelve year old boy from rural Mexico.

Thank you to Daniel, Sasha and Caitlin, you led collective worship beautifully.