We’re excited about the potential of the fields we have at the back of school and how we might be able to make more use of them. At the heart of this space will be The Lord’s Prayer Walk. The route of the walk has been marked by the newly planted trees which include, Oaks, Blackthorns and Silverdales to name a few.  These trees also represent different parts of the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer that Jesus taught his disciples is often said in the life of our school and can be found in Matt 6:9-13. 

This will be a great interactive space for individuals and groups to not only learn the prayer, but also to spend time with God, praising and thanking him and asking for his help and forgiveness. The staff and pupils have really embraced the idea and have enjoyed investing into the future life of the school that will be used for many years to come.

A huge thank you goes out to the Woodland Trust for providing the trees.

Andy Barnett

School Chaplain