All of our year 7 pupils had a fantastic time at Chester Zoo yesterday.

As you may have spotted on the BBC News website, Chester Zoo is celebrating the birth of a critically endangered Western chimpanzee which conservationists say is the world's rarest chimpanzee. So, it was a great opportunity for our year 7 pupils to learn more about endangered animals, conservation and adaptations of key species to different global environments. This links to the Ecosystems topic year 7 will be studying in Geography.

As well as the chimpanzees, pupils spotted the elephants, giraffes, lions, orangutans, penguins, pythons, flamingoes, a jaguar, tarantula and many more! It was fantastic seeing their reaction when they realised that a sloth was slowly making his way across a rope right above their heads! Those brave enough, took a walk through the bat house where bats were flying freely. 

As well as seeing the animals, there was time for lunch and a trip to the gift shop. 

We saw that our keen, young photographers were taking some fantastic shots of the animals. So, Mrs Parkinson has set a competition for year 7's to submit the best photo they took of an animal. All entries receive house points and there will be prizes for the best photos! We look forward to seeing the entries from a fantastic day.