On Friday 10th March, Theatre in Education company ‘TiE It Up Theatre’ joined us, performing Mark Wheeller's I Love You, Mum - I Promise I Won't Die on our very own stage for all year 9 and our key stage 4 GCSE Drama groups.

Throughout the Spring term in Drama, all year 9 pupils have been studying the genre and techniques of Theatre in Education whilst exploring extracts from this renowned production. Pupils have explored the power theatre has to educate; how a performance can make emotive and real-life issues and lessons come to life.

I Love You, Mum - I Promise I Won't Die, was initially commissioned by drug education charity the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation. It tells the true story of Dan, a popular 16-year-old schoolboy from South London, who attended an illegal rave in January 2014 and tragically died due to accidently taking a lethal dose. The play recounts what happened to Dan, his family and his friends, using their own words, from tragedy to redemption.

Pupils were in awe of the creative staging and poignant moments of the piece.

“I loved watched the play and having the opportunity to listen to and talk with the actors after the production gave me a great insight into some of the practice and preparation that goes into making a play such as this one!” said Callum. 

“Watching the play “I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won’t Die” was both thoroughly enjoyable, yet impactful," said Hannah. "Being able to see the effect of drugs on just one family was eye opening and saddening. I loved watching the play, by the excellent actors/actresses, and then having the opportunity to join in, in the workshop they provided. Thank you!” 

A range of pupils across the three year groups also had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a practical workshop lead by the performers exploring the techniques used whilst creating their production and also have a go at designing their own staging ideas!

“I absolutely loved the performance from Tie It Up Theatre,"  said Emma in year 11. "Not only did it educate me on serious topics which can go undiscussed but it also taught me a lot about performance techniques and analysis. The cast were absolutely lovely and super helpful - especially to those choosing Drama as an option at GCSE. It was an absolutely amazing day all round!”

A massive thank you to all the staff and pupils that made the day such a success!

Miss A Donnelly

Teacher of English with Drama