We are delighted to welcome Rachel Gardner, Youth Resourcing Lead at St Luke's Blackburn and Director of Youthscape, to school today to deliver an inspiring collective act of worship entitled You Were Made to Shine. 

Rachel's engaging session began with some fun questions before pupils had the opportunity to look at inspirational figures such as Erling Haarland, Emma Raducanu and Param Jaggi and find out how they could let their own light shine. 

  You are the world's light - a city on a hill, glowing in the night for all to see. Don't hide your light! 

  Matthew 5:14-15

Rachel outlined that no matter how dark life gets by following Jesus you are the world's light.

Rachel encouraged pupils to find their passion by paying attention to what they are interested in, find their crew by surrounding themselves with peers who support and encourage them to follow the right path and to find their faith, whatever their faith may be, by exploring what it is that they believe. 

Rachel's motivating talk finished with an opportunity for pupils to pray quietly, before Chaplain Andy led prayers. 

There are opportunities in school for pupils to ask the big questions about life, for example at Chaplain Andy's lunchtime sessions. 

Find out more about our school Chaplaincy, here. 

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