We were delighted to welcome Abhi Kodanda, from Abhi Dance Academy, into school today to deliver a special Diwali workshop to all of our pupils in year 7.

Diwali is The Festival of Light and Abhi explained the meaning and significance of the five day festival. It was interesting to find out about the story of the Rama and his wife Sita  and the significance of the tale within the Hindu religion. Abhi talked about how Diwali is celebrated and the traditional customs on the day of Diwali, after which pupils had the opportunity to ask questions. 

At the end of the session pupils enjoyed joining in with some lively, traditional dancing and saw how to create rangoli patterns using coloured powders. There will be the opportunity for pupils to create their own rangoli patterns in RE at lunch next week. 

Thank you to Abhi for coming into school and delivering such an engaging workshop.