Today, we were delighted to welcome The Message Trust into school to deliver the No More Knives Tour. The session is being delivered to all pupils throughout the day and combines music, with powerful true stories and the laws around carrying a knife. 

The session began with a powerful track performed by Vonte Grace, after which the presentation talked about the definition of knife crime and what can influence a young person's choices, from friends to family to teachers, from video games to social media to music. Pupils were invited to consider how faith and religion can have a positive impact on someone's life.

With knife crime on the rise across the UK, pupils were asked to consider the statistics and Lancashire Police outlined the possible reasons someone may carry a knife, the laws surrounding knife crime and the powers the police have to investigate knife crime, including retrieving incriminating information from social media. This engaging presentation included Vonte Grace's personal story, as well as detailing the nearest knife surrender bins. 

NXT Chapter finished off the session with more upbeat music, before details of the No More Knives concert were shared. The concert will feature NXT Chapter, Vonte Grace and OTC and will take place at Crossgate Church, Preston, PR1 5LG on Friday 8th March at 7.30pm. Tickets are £3 and it will feature live music, performances, stories and a message of hope.