Our school PTA has also opened up the 500 Club! It is a fantastic way of raising money for school and gives people the chance of winning a cash prize. The prize currently stands at £77.

For just £10, you will be entered into the remaining 2 draws for this academic year. The next draw will take place at the PTA Meeting on Thursday 3rd March. The more members, the bigger cash prize the PTA can offer and ultimately, more money raised for the school.

How do I become a member?

Payments are made online at the booking link below.


You can also buy additional numbers for friends and family.

For further information regarding the PTA 500 Club, please go to https://www.archbishoptemple.com/parents.../pta/pta-500-club

Before you make your payment, you will be given the option of making a voluntary donation to school in addition to the £10 payment for the 500 Club. This is optional and goes towards funding facilities in school.