We were delighted to welcome pupils from year 5 at St Andrew’s Church of England Primary to school on Wednesday 16th March.

Pupils took part in three workshops and prepared for a school concert in the evening. They began the day together in the hall, practising their whole year song for the concert. They then attended art and science workshops.

In art, pupils looked at the work of Vince Okerman aka VEXX, a Belgian YouTuber famous for his doodles. Mr O’Mara, Head of Art, showed pupils how to draw in the style of VEXX. After carefully drawing their designs in pencil, they added colour with watercolour paints. After school, pupils from year 10 at Archbishop Temple stayed behind and created a wonderful piece of art amalgamating everyone's designs from the day. The artwork will be delivered to St Andrew's to display at school. 

In science, pupils conducted two experiments. Miss Cross, Head of Year 7 and Teacher of Science, demonstrated the experiments and showed pupils how to conduct the experiments safely. In the first experiment, pupils added an indicator to water from three different areas to check how acidic it was and recorded their findings.

In the second experiment, they added calcium carbonate to water to test if there was any reaction and recorded our findings. They also added magnesium metal to water to test if there was any reaction.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Temple’s choir and concert band rehearsed for the evening’s concert. They sounded fantastic!

After lunch, the pupils from St Andrew’s sang with Miss Sherwood, Head of Performing Arts in preparation for the concert.

It was wonderful to welcome the pupils from St Andrew’s to school. They were all impeccably behaved and seemed to really enjoy the workshops. We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the concert in the evening.

Many thanks to Miss Sherwood, Miss Cross and Mr O’Mara for such a great day!