We were delighted to welcome the team from the BAE Systems Roadshow into school today. The team delivered a fantastic, informative roadshow on the theme of Magnetism and Electromagnets to all of our pupils in years 7 and 8. 

It began with a short video explaining how magnets are used in science and technology, before the presenters whizzed in on electric scooters to talk about attraction and repulsion. Next, Mr Magnet, the magician, conducted his disappearing coin trick, before the team explained why coins are magnetic. 

Did you know that 268 magnets and electromagnets can be found in a Mini car? Twice as many can be found in an electric Mini! The team explained that magnets and electromagnets are used in planes and ships and that is why the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, BAE Systems' education partners, are keen for young people to know why and where magnets are used. The team showed pupils where magnets are used in appliances and how they work, this was followed by a fun rapid fire quiz. 

It was fascinating to learn how magnets are used in pilots' headsets, as well as finding out where they can be found in the F35 fast jet. The fun roadshow included more magic tricks, with Mr Magnet showing us some more trickery with magnets in The Great Weightlifting Challenge, with pupils finding out which sort of magnets can be used in switches and how they can make a simple electric motor at home. 

Pupils also learned about the importance of using magnets to enable vehicles to use electricity, rather than fossil fuels, which in turn helps the environment. In 3 years time, the RAF tutor planes will all be electric and at the moment, BAE Systems is developing electric aircraft.

Finally, pupils saw the power of magnets with Mr Magnet was hoisted up in the air, held simply by a powerful magnet.  

This fun and engaging roadshow clearly inspired many of our pupils to think about careers in science and engineering, as well as considering other roles at BAE Systems, the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. 

Thanks to Mrs McLean for organising the roadshow.