Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 were invited to a special Valentine’s Science Spectacular at lunchtime today.

Pupils were able to dissect and compare the sizes of a cow’s and a pig’s heart, exploring the hearts to see if they recognised any features from their heart knowledge. They identified which vessel was the aorta, determined which was the left and right side and had a look for the heart valves.

They also had the opportunity to create a colour changing love potion heating a solution containing phenolphthalein indicator, concentrated ammonia and water over a Bunsen burner.

Pupils enjoyed finding out which of two roses had been left in the dark, by testing leaves for starch as well as creating chromatography hearts.

Finally, pupils created Cupid’s arrows by lighting the top of teabags and watching the nearly ash tea bag float into the air, then they discovered the science behind it!

Thank you to the Science Department for setting up such fun learning experiences to finish off this half term. Thanks also to our pupil scientists who led the activities and thanks to Dani, in year 9, for assisting with the photographs.