Yesterday our Year 7 Faith Reps went to a training conference with Blackburn Diocese Schools and Youth team.  They invited chaplains, worship coordinators and pupil leaders from all the Diocese high schools to take part in the day. The day began with collective worship led by Ben Green the Diocese Youth Advisor. He encouraged us to remember that we’re created in God’s image and can shine his light by discovering who he has created us to be. He used a fun illustration to get us thinking - he blended a Happy Meal and then asked if anyone would like to drink it.  Apart from a few adventurous pupils the vast majority turned their nose up!  Ben explained that fries and McFlurries taste good the way they were made, but if they blend in too much the result isn’t great!  His message helped us think about being who God created us to be. Helen and Dot reminded the chaplains and worship coordinators that it’s important to include, inspire and invite everyone into our times of worship. 

It was a great day, full of interactive learning times and a lot of fun connecting with other pupils and staff in our Diocese family of schools.

Chaplain Andy