This week, our science department is encouraging pupils to get involved with British Science Week – the theme this year is connections where pupils can connect with anything scientific, for example careers, experiments, the environment and so on.

The science department will be discussing science careers in lessons as part of the starters and encouraging pupils to think about many jobs within science. At key stage 3 pupils will be involved in a science quiz connecting with the school science environment. Mrs Costigan has put together a great quiz which gives pupils a chance to crack the Science Code.

Pupils in years 7 and 8 can collect a quiz sheet from any science teacher and use the science wall displays to solve the puzzle! Pupils can be in teams of up to 3 pupils. They must hand their completed sheet to any science teacher to enter. There’s the chance of winning a prize and gaining light points.

“Connecting with the world around you is fun and fascinating!” said Mr McGee, Head of Science. “Don’t miss this opportunity!”

There is also a poster competition set as a Firefly task from Miss Cross. Get drawing, get connecting!

Throughout the week, the science department will also be sharing their connections with the school, detailing how their journey led them to become science teachers.