Last week, a group of pupils from years 10 and 11 attended Hope Hack, an event held in collaboration with the Hope Collective and Damilola Taylor Trust.

The event focussed on giving young people a voice and allowing them to explore and develop innovative solutions to societal challenges.

“The event was great,” said Chloe, in year 10. “I enjoyed learning about other people’s opinions and having the opportunity to express my own on topics that aren’t usually brought up such as young people’s interactions with police, views on poverty and inequality, young people’s mental health and the services available for support. I enjoyed feeling heard.”

“The speakers were amazing, as was the entertainment and venue. The people we worked with were so kind and genuinely cared about what we had to say. I’d love the opportunity to do something similar again as I absolutely loved the entire experience.”

Hope Hack brought together young people aged 14-24 from communities across Lancashire. The aim was to find out what a fairer society looks like to Lancashire’s young people. They worked together in short workshops to generate ideas which they presented back to key people who can make the ideas happen. The Hope Hack event provided an opportunity for young people’s voices to be fed into a national report which will go directly to political parties.

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