As a Christian school, the belief in stewardship means we believe we have a duty to care for our environment and our planet because God created it, it is his gift to us.

Last week, all pupils took part in a special worship session to find out about stewardship. Pupils found out the definition of the word and the meaning of environmental stewardship - the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation actions. Local environmental stewardship is about the actions taken by individuals, groups or networks to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Pupils found out about their carbon footprint and had the opportunity to think about how they can be a good steward at Archbishop Temple Church of England High School, for example by doing little things like putting litter in the bin, turning lights off, recycling properly and joining Eco club, which takes place on Friday lunchtimes in room 38. Eco Club would like a rep from each form to lead us forward as a school and they would like everyone to make an eco-pledge.

Eco Club hopes to raise the sustainability agenda across school through environmental management projects to improve facilities for recycling and waste management and field trips into local community. The club has made a biodiversity action plan and started tree planting and gardening and will be increasing spaces for nature to thrive, creating a wildflower meadow, creating raised beds and opportunities to grow food and creating an inclusive sensory garden.

Please encourage your son or daughter to get involved. Further information about the stewardship assembly can be found below.