Thank you to everyone who entered the London Science Trip writing and photography competition. Mr McGee, Head of Science, was very impressed by the entries. Well done to Zuzanna and Isobella, in year 9, both pupils were runners up in the competition and win vouchers worth £15. Congratulations to Miles, in year 9, who won first prize and a £20 voucher. 

You can read Miles' write up below and see his photo above. 

During the science trip, I enjoyed the perfect blend of education and enjoyment. Exploring the Natural History Museum was a highlight, with fascinating displays of fossils and rocks spanning millions of years. The ferry ride that followed provided insights into diverse architectural styles and their history. The London Eye elevated our experience, offering breathtaking city views from above and great photographs.

The trip wasn't merely about exploration and pleasure but also a significant learning opportunity. The museums we visited provided a dual perspective, with one delving into historical narratives and the other presenting futuristic possibilities at the Science Museum.

Beyond the enriching experiences, the culinary aspect of the trip added a touch of luxury. Indulging in full English breakfasts and dining at select restaurants for dinner enhanced the overall sense of enjoyment and the way the trip was planned by teachers made the journey memorable.