We were delighted to welcome staff and students from the Modern Foreign Languages department at Cardinal Newman College to school today. Odile Jacques, Pilar Sanz-Moreno and students came to talk to our year 9 pupils about studying languages at the college. 

This inspiring talk gave an insight into the range of careers that are open to pupils if they study languages and outlined that there are a shortage of linguists. Pupils can choose to study French, German or Spanish at Cardinal Newman College. There was an opportunity for the Newman students to talk about what they studied at GCSE, the subjects they have chosen to study at A level and why they chose a language. It was interesting to find out about what students do in language classes, from learning grammar to translating texts to having informal chats in a modern foreign language and learning about the culture of different Spanish, French and German speaking countries. There are also lots of enrichment opportunities at Cardinal Newman College and opportunities for students to travel to Europe and immerse themselves in the language and culture. The talk concluded with advice from students about choosing GCSE subjects and there was an opportunity to ask questions. 

Many thanks to the staff and students from Cardinal Newman College, the talk gave us a useful insight into studying languages at GCSE and A level.