On Tuesday 12th March, as part of British Science Week, a small group of year 7 and 8 pupils visited the year 5 class at Grimsargh St Michael's CE Primary School to tell them about this year's Young People Book Prize shortlisted titles. The Young People's Book Prize is an award for the best science book of the year aimed at children and young people. The girls each told the class about their favourite book and why they had enjoyed it so much. The books were left with the class so that they can read them over the next few weeks. The pupils had lots of interesting questions for the girls who answered them really well.

After this the class did an experiment led by Miss L Walsh exploring the need for good hand washing technique. One of the books was all about germs so they used UV gel to invisibly mark their hands as if they were covered in germs, then washed them and looked under a UV light to see if they had removed all the gel. Some people had done much better than other.

The class really enjoyed our visit commenting that it was great fun, and the girls were great ambassadors for both the school and promoting the Science book of the year awards which the class seemed keen to try and take part in next year.