The Mathematics Department celebrated World Maths Day (Saturday 23rd March) on Friday 22nd and Monday 25th March. As part of the celebrations, Mr Hewitt and Mr Alston did some research to support pupils with Maths Anxiety.

After creating a presentation and accessible area on Firefly for pupils to go to for support, a questionnaire was also sent out for pupils to complete. The results of the survey showed that around 50% of the pupils in school were confident in their problem-solving skills, stating they 'read the question carefully and take in all the information' and 'enjoy solving problems and I am understanding of the correct solution if I get the question incorrect'. The study also found that just over 50% of pupils said that maths stresses them out. The main reason the pupils gave for this is because maths is 'hard'. The survey also found that pupils seem to struggle to retain the information taught in lessons as nearly 50% of pupils said the work makes sense in lesson but by the time they get home the information is lost. The data gained from this survey has given the maths department a direction to move to support those with Maths Anxiety. After Easter, Mr Alston, Teacher of Mathematics and Youth Mental Health First Aider, is starting a Maths Anxiety club for year 11s. These sessions will not be revision driven, but a chance for pupils to come and talk to a teacher about what they struggle with.

For reading on extra support, follow this link